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15A Sights - NEW!!

The 15A and 15A MAG sight sets are now available. This design is a semi-permanent set held on with a strong adhesive. They are designed for a 15-yard Acquisition for the LifeCard® pistols.

Applied, they can be used for EDC.

Once mounted to the firearm, this set of sights can be carried in the LifeCard® Leather Sleeve available on Trailblazer Firearms website.

These are a lower profile to keep from snagging on draw. They come in 3-DOT with your choice of color for the front and rear fiber optics.

* There is a height difference between the 15A for 22 Lr and 22 Mag. Be sure you place your order for the correct pistol version.

Adjustable Mount Rear Sight

This new design allows you to set the rear sight for how you shoot your LifeCard® pistol.

If you don’t know how you shoot your LifeCard® or it is your first time shooting it, you can use the method we have created to test it before you mount the rear sight.

If you tend to shoot to the left you can mount this rear sight to the right to center your shots more consistently.  If you shoot to the right mount the rear sight to the left.

Watch the video to the left for details on how to mount the Adjustable Mount Rear Sight.

FiberOptic Sights

Choose the color you like for the front and rear sights in green or red. High-brightness fluorescent colors stand out against your target. Rods will not fade or crack.


Magnetic Or Adhesive

Each sight attaches to the barrel using an N52 magnet with a rubber cover to protect the finish of your firearm and to help keep minimal movement with each shot taken or you can select low profile semi-permanent adhesive mount.


Multiple Options

Three different designs to choose from.

  • 3 Dot set
  • Peep
  • Dual Peep


Pew Pew Fun

LifecardSights make shooting the LifeCard® more enjoyable and make hitting the target easier!

Add these sights, the threaded barrel from TrailBlazer Firearms, and a suppressor, and the smiles will form!

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LifecardSights Magnetic Mount

The three models are not intended for self-defense use.

The magnetic mount sights are not intended for self-defense situations. The main design is to give a better sight picture and to assist with target acquisition at a range of 25 yards. With practice, a shooter may reach out at 70 yard targets or more depending on ammo and skill.

The magnetic mounting sights are designed for the 22lr model…

but they can be used on the 22 Mag model with an adjustment to the front sight. Be sure that the front sight is back away from the muzzle of the barrel approximately 7/16 of an inch. This will help protect it from the muzzle blast of a 22-magnum round.

Don’t have a LifeCard®? Check out their selection!


We have a limited lifetime warranty for all LIFECARDSIGHTs.
1 Year Replacement – Should your sight be broken, we will replace it. (Some restrictions apply).

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For questions or warranty returns email to info@lifecardsight.com

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