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LifecardSight 1 Year Replacement Warranty

Each piece or set of LIFECARDSIGHTS has a 1 Year Replacement Warranty.

Drop a sight, step on it, crush both pieces with a tank, etc… and we will replace the piece/s for free within 1 year of the original purchase.

The warranty does not cover lost pieces.

Should a piece/s of your sight set have a warranty claim, contact us by email at info@lifecardsight.com. We will respond with directions per your claim. The piece/s must be mailed to us so we can assess the damage and verify the piece/s are LIFECARDSIGHT items. This will also allow us to check if there was a manufacturing issue that caused the warranty claim.

Warranty Guidelines

For a warranty claim to be fulfilled the broken items must be shipped to LifecardSight for inspection. The piece/s must be at least 50% of the specific damaged item. Once the piece/s have arrived an inspection will be made to ensure they are LifecardSights and to determine if the damage is due to material or manufacturing defects, or just a plain old mishap.

If it is determined that the claim is covered by the warranty a new sight piece/s will be shipped to the customer at no charge.

LifecardSight Warranty Claim

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For questions or warranty returns email to info@lifecardsight.com

LifecardSights are not intended for self-defense use.

These sights are designed to give a better sight picture and to assist with target acquisition at the range of 25 yards and some longer distances.

LifeCard® is a registered trademark of "TRAILBLAZER FIREARMS."